Principles for safe space are followed in all our events. These principles were approved in the Spring general meeting 2022 and they are valid in the years 2022 and 2023. The document is made to assure that everyone feels welcomed to join TAHRA’s activities and events. By taking part to TAHRA’s activities and events the person commits to follow these principles. Along with these principles the board follows TAHRA's Equality plan. You can find the plan here.



Principles for safe space:


Let’s not make assumptions. Let’s not make assumptions on people’s gender, sexuality, background, nationality, functional ability, experiences, thoughts, life situation, nor self-identity. Respect others, be conscious about the diversity of the community and appreciate the individuals' differences.


Give others space. Give others space and ensure that everyone is heard and free to participate. Accept that ways of participation vary. Pay attention to your choice of words.


TAHRA's activities are free of discrimination. In TAHRA's activities discrimination based on any characteristic of a person or a group, such as disability, state of health, gender, sexual orientation, or ethnicity is not approved. In TAHRA’s activities discrimination based on skills, techniques, study campus, field of study, or the art made is also not approved. Offensive art is not welcome. Don’t say mean things about the things others have made.


TAHRA's activities and events are free of harassment. Harassment includes behaviour such as verbal harassment, touching without consent, and staring. If you are asked to stop inappropriate behaviour, it must be stopped. If you detect inappropriate behaviour, intervene in a proper, calm manner. You can also ask TREY's harassment contact persons' advice. If you are criticised for your actions or behaviour, take a constructive approach.